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Friday, March 26, 2010


"One year? Has it been a year already?" Said the Author as he took another bite into a ham and cheese sandwich. "Doesn't seem like it." The year had flown by, and the actual amount of writing done for the sole purpose of this blog only reached 100 pages, with all other things on it being written previously. Still, a year later The Holiday had yet to be finished. Back when it started it flowed so nicely but now it's just a matter of trying to think of enough jokes to make it funny between where it is and the ending. The ending was all thought out, though only since around part 6.
"It'll take me forever to really develop my ideas at this rate." It was disappointing, the conclusion was meant to have been reached by part 10, but then there was the realisation that it just couldn't fit. "Part 12" he thought to himself, "That'll probably be about when it ends... It'll be a very long finale, they always are."
He paused, and got a drink. Typing happens slowly and with breaks between sentences as he gets constantly distracted by the things around him. Focus, that's what he really needed. That, and organisation skills.
Staring at the pile of paper next to him the Author realises that somewhere under some piles of paper is probably something important, long forgotten that hadn't seen the light of day in ages. He still hadn't sent off that letter to Nintendo, or finished that sketch of an Allosaurus skeleton. Yet another story had been put on hold, this time an obscure and bizarre romance tail that completely screws with gender identity and the conventional idea of beauty, because of another fresher idea being developed and then University made writing it too hard.
"Creative Writing course next semester. That should be helpful."
Another year, is coming up and hopefully by then there'd be more to this than just one story and some filler. Thoughts of many ideas ran through the Authors head, perhaps the origin story? Perhaps, though we should probably get to know Guy 1 better first. Maybe the story of how Guy 1 and 2 met? Or time travel. "Guy 2 has a name, I should give him a name..."
Checking the clock the Author realises that he's spent the entire day not doing much again. It was time to go do some work, or at least play Far Cry.

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