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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Regular Service will Resume Shortly

Dear faithful readers,

Never fear! Though I may have been neglecting this blog since May that will change soon, as I am working on a new serial for your reading pleasure. It is called "The Investigation" and is planned to be only a few parts in length but very interesting nonetheless. It will expand a little bit more on Guy 1's mysterious background and see Guy 2 take measures to try and discover shocking truths... horrifying truths... though he might fail, who knows? Find out soon when I start updating. (Uni is pretty much over, but I have a few assignments left and an exam near the end of November so you won't get Part 1 until at least a week and a half from now).

Here is an extract from it! Just to keep you all happy!

Part One:

Guy 2 walked into the large shopping centre and was instantly surrounded by the large hustle and bustle of busy customers walking along with their goods, or about to walk into one of the many stores that lined the large walk way. Deep in the crowd were teenagers and the like stopping to relax and talk with fellow friends.

Guy 1: Hey, so what you buying today?

Guy 2: Whoa! Dude, where did you come from?

Guy 1: Australia. Why? Does my voice sound weird? I hope I don’t have a cold...

Guy 2: No, that’s not what I meant at all.

Guy 1: Oh. Well dude if no one’s told you how babies are made then you really should ask someone... not me though, because I was never really told... we should ask someone.

Guy 1 stopped someone who walked past by grabbing their shoulder.

Guy 1: Excuse me, my friend and I are wondering where babies come from and we’d like you to explain it to us.

The person stared at them, judged them by their looks to be at the very least two adults, considered the request to be a joke and walked away without saying a word.

Guy 1: That person just doesn’t understand social norms... when you ask someone a question, it’s polite to at least say you don’t know the answer. Hey! You don’t think he was you know... French? Because-

Guy 2: Shut up! Shut up! I’m going to buy some parts for my computer. I want to upgrade the graphics card and get an external hard drive to back up my ever increasing collection of music and movies.

Guy 1: Cool.

Guy 2 walked in the direction of the nearest computer store. Guy 1 followed.

Guy 1: I am following you.

Guy 2: I noticed.

Guy 1: I have not much to do today...

To be continued...

There? Are you happy now? No? Oh, I'm sorry... please... please don't cry... no, I don't think you're fat. Here, have some anti-depressants.

Now let's hope I pass that ONE exam!

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