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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A very special thank you toooooooooo dun dun dun! Scully! (No that's not her real name but I'm not sure she wants to be named on the dreaded evil internetz where people stalk the living and prey on the poor spellers) Who answered the call! (As in, the email) to help me recover whatever I can from my harddrive that is now a smoking cracker of silicon. What did she do?

She got me 150 pages of sheer awesomeness... and weirdness. Oh, and two drafts of a short film I wanted to make two and a half years ago. But the point is that 101 pages of that 150 (approx btw) of writings I had writtens (???) were the thing I wanted to post instead of The Holiday Prt 8 in the meantime so I don't have to write anything new while I study for exams and such! I have it BACK! :D I'll try to finish chapter 8 before posting it but I make no promises... the call of cuttlefish beckons me. (I'm thinking about making a cuttlefish related webcomic OK? It's going to be very interesting and hopefully take up less of my time than it needs to.... I like cuttlefish.) So who knows? If I haven't finished writing anything in the next two weeks I shall start posting all 17 chapters to.... (wait for it) *drum roll* Crazybilby The Movie! As it's title suggests: it's feature film length. It's massive, and it's mainly just dialogue. It also is more really Universesque because Cameraman has a massive role in it and it creates a sort of world where the characters know they're characters. It's weird, it's strange, it's funny as anything (I know because I laugh at it when I read it... surely the sign of a good joke is if you can laugh at it yourself right?) and it's... seriously outdated. OK: Spoiler! The major plot twist... doesn't make sense because it's based on a political situation that isn't actually relevant anymore. But let's just say it worked in the end OK?

Have a nice day :)

I'm excited. I have it back. My precioussssss....

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