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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Introduction to the Universe

Hello everyone. This blog is going to be completely fictional (except for this introduction) and will be assorted blog entries, stories and information/character biographies from the perspective of/about select characters (Mainly "Bilby" whom is merely named that when needed to refer to him. It is not his name merely a word loosely associated with him as you will eventually notice.) within a fictional universe of my own design (hence the title of the blog.) Those who are fans of my youtube channel (crazybilby) would have seen this universe being developed but things didn't turn out how I wanted and so instead of have a concentric idea and theme with the same three recurring characters I was forced to do the odd script I wrote for fun without managing to really link it to the universe I wanted. The only thing I have succeeded in creating is a character without any mention of a name (Although unfortunately I never really got to create the running joke where none of the characters know his name either so I'm trying to make a joke about that in every script I write from now on.)

OK quick run down of the universe you are about to enter:
There are a few main characters. The main one is not the brightest of people and is often finding very strange things to do in strange situations that aren't impossible but just seem implausible. He is often suggested to be older than he looks but is never actually given a proper age and has no sense of proper social interaction so occasionally does things people consider strange or invasive (like barging into someones house without saying you're coming or knocking) He is often referred to as "Guy 1" in scripts (because he lacks a name).
His best friend just met him one day and they just talked. Somehow they became friends from this even though there were never actually told anything about the other. He has no idea what "Bilby"s name is and rarely ever stops to think about this. Quite lazy at times, he'd must rather sit around the house all day than to let his friend indulge in weird activities. (That sounded dirty... it's not really.) He is often referred to as "Guy 2" in scripts. I'll be trying to write a lot of these entries in novel form not script form instead (but scripts are easy and fun)
Cameraman. Extremely sexy, slim, and sometimes even violent person who, ironically being the most attractive person in the group, is never actually shown in front of the camera (This universe kind of messes with your brain. Because it's a reality where the characters occasionally act aware they are subjects of films of fiction whereas this is, at times, reality to them and so nothing ever changes.) but rarely ever complains about this. She is however slightly sensitive about her single-purpose in life to document a bunch of people as she thinks of as completely insane.

Have fun. I'll write something eventually...


Guy 1: Dude! A new car!

Guy 2: yeah my mother bought it yesterday after our old car was stolen by some psycho that scribbled words on the driveway in blood. Want to have a ride in it?

Guy 1: Sure.

They approach the car and get in. Guy 1 gets in the back and Guy 2 gets in the front. Before he moves to the driver’s seat he stops. He sees a man sitting in it already.

Guy 2: Dude… what are you doing in my car?

Hobo: I live here.

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