"Huh, well done. It's very Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ish" - Some guy I met once
"haha I'm impressed" - Ganesh, remover of Obstacles

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all

I would like to inform you all that this Christmas eve is more than just the night before I awake to spend an entire day celebrating with family the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ (with minimal commericialism, hence my parents haven't gotten me any gifts and vice versa) I would like to inform you now that I am engaged to the most beautiful woman on the planet. My mother and sister have been discussing the wedding in the car ride home from a family friends house.

Everything I have just said is absolutely true :)

Except the bit about being engaged. I would like to inform you of this and my mother and sister did discuss my wedding in the car tonight. I'm just not engaged. Damn. Well... a few more years to go.

Well here should be some kind of profound or more probably a cliche Christmas message. Tidings of good fortune and joy or something, merry stuff and may your atheistic house find peace with The Lord or something like that. Or maybe just the normal line of "Merry Christmas and a Happy new- SANTA ISN'T REAL! SANTA ISN'T REAL! SANTA ISN'T REAL!" Yes, I am that evil.

But seriously though, from the author of these many stories that only 3 people supposedly read, have a nice day tomorrow :) May you ignore all your problems for 24 hours and have a nice day full of joy and wonder and... joyness. (Extra joy and wonder and joyness if you're going to Candy Mountain..... Chhaaarrrlliiieeee) I know I shall endeavour to survive tomorrow as we all will. The new year shall soon be upon us. Who knows what wonderful things it holds? Who knows what choices we'll make, where we'll go, what we'll do.... when The Holiday will finally be finished....

Well. Goodnight :)


  1. you are a dork. i'm waiting for a blizzard. wish i hadn't waxed last week. need something to entertain me...should be a boring day sitting around, waiting for imminent doom....more coffeeeee!

  2. Awww don't I feel insulted? Well perhaps I'll just give you more blog filler while I sit down and write something...