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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hello. Yes, well now we have TWO currently unfinished serials going but trust me! They shall conclude soon. The Holiday is going to conclude at part 10 if all goes according to plan. Part 11 at the most. OK well to the point now. I'm going on holidays to the other side of the country for two weeks so I shall be travelling and generally not blogging or writing. In the meantime, I want to bring attention to something that recently happened back in Part 6 of CBM. Here is an extract from Part 6:

Worker 1: Oh it always freezes here… oh well it’s just another half an hour of this guy walking around in circles and one bit where he stands still for a second. So what are our opinions?

Worker 3: I think it’s a rare ape and needs to be protected!

Worker 4: It’s an Ogron!

Worker 2: The Chuds are back! The Chuds are back!

Worker 3: No it’s Bigfoot.

Worker 4: It could be a Mahedosat!

Worker 1: Please everyone please! One at a time! I’m pretty sure it’s human.

Everyone gasps.

Worker 2: No… seriously?

Worker 1: Yes. I’m sure it’s a human being.


Everyone except Worker 1 starts laughing.

OK well that seems like a pretty simple enough section but for you sci-fi fans out there, you'll find a couple of nice references to different shows. Chuds and Ogrons. What sci-fi fans don't get is the reference to the Mahedosat. Let me tell you about this because I am certain you've never heard of it. OK well when writing this I was going through a slight cryptozoology phase and so that's where the references to Big Foot come from. The part is even named after the 1967 film where Big Foot was supposedly caught on camera and thus is the most famous piece of "evidence" for his existence. That's what the video footage of Guy 1 is parodying. OK now that I've explained all the cultural references we're still left with the Mahedosat. What is the Mahedosat?

I don't know.

I remember sitting down and writing that scene quite clearly! I wanted each thing to be something of importance. I wanted each thing to be a reference to something else so someone would watch it (back when I planned on filming it) and go "ahaha! I KNOW what that is! I'm so nerdy" I even remember walking around the house asking my parents for certain references to sci-fi ape like creatures. So it really confused me a year later when I sat down and reread it all. Mahedosat. Mahedosat. What was it? My first idea was that it came from the Cryptozoology A to Z Encyclopedia by Loren Coleman which I was reading at the time I had written the script. The very fact that I can actually recall his name and the book (nearly got the book title correct, had to look it up to make sure) shows how well I am capable of remembering things. Somehow the Mahedosat escapes me. (By the way, we're talking Loren Coleman the cryptozoologist/psychologist not the science fiction writer) So I went back to the library and got out the book again in the hopes of finding the answers. I assumed that because I was effectively parodying myself that I the Mahedosat was actually a large redheaded cryptid that I had read about but it wasn't.

So it has become this very odd mystery to me. What is the Mahedosat? That question has made me think for nearly two years now and I still can't remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. I swear I was trying to fill it with references and not something random that I made up. The only result on a Google search is a comment on someone's youtube channel where I ask them if they can figure it out (as a wager, to see how "smart" they were to go on a fools errand to discover what it was). So that's something very odd.

What is the Mahedosat?


  1. As far as I know, in my fifty years of cryptozoology research, it is not a cryptid name I have run across.

    The ending "sat" definitely gives an ancient feel to the word.

    The closest English word to give an allusion seems to be Mahdist, as re: the Mahdist War. Maybe that crept into your consciousness, some way; see

    The Mahdi ("the Guided One") is the promised redeemer of the Islamic world.

    Very specific characteristics will be seen in the Mahdi's appearance: "He will have a broad forehead, a prominent nose, and his eyes will be naturally mascaraed."

    He will be "a young man of medium stature with a handsome face" and black hair and beard.

    There remains a mystery to be solved with your Mahedosat, of course.

  2. Holy crud Loren Coleman just commented on my blog! :O Oh awesome!

    Yeah I wikipedia'd it too and came to that same link as it gives you a suggestion to what it thinks you should've typed instead of what you did. But back then I wouldn't have known anything about Mahdi or the Mahdist war.

    Now I'm wondering what large red-headed homonid I was thinking of. I can't remember it's name. Is it the one in Russia? Or is that the white 7 foot hominid...

    And P.S. Do you google your own name to discover when someone blogs about you or something? Because that was a really quick response on a blog that only 3 people read.

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